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A Gravitation RP

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May 28th, 2004

mistress_mika @ 04:50 pm: Hey, I was wondering if I could have everyone's IM/contact? It'll be nice to meet some of you online. ^^ I'm wandring sprite on AIM and ancient_swordsplay@hotmail.com on MSN.

April 21st, 2004

mistress_mika @ 12:02 pm: hi ^^
Hey! I'm the new Mika! ^^ Seeing that I am supposed to be studying for exams at the moment >.> I'll be making a post as soon as they're over (maybe a week or so...?)


April 16th, 2004

gun_happy @ 12:23 am: OOC: Hiya.
OOC: Yo, Morningstar as K. I'll defnitely RP as soon as I can. Nice to meet y'all.

April 12th, 2004

kiss_shining @ 10:40 pm: Hola!
Hello every body. I'm the new Ryuichi. *waves* ^_^

The journal's the same, just a different person using it.

Current Mood: calmcalm

April 10th, 2004

broken_novelist @ 07:57 pm: OOC
Great news! ASK has joined us! Ma-kun and Taki have already made their journals as ask_the_band and spiffy_rocker Make sure you add them when you get the chance. I'll comment when I hear from Ken-chan, who used to play Ryuichi, but has switched. She doesn't want to be Ryuichi anymore, so that position is now open. *shrug* Also the roles for Hiro, Mr.K, and Mika are open, now.

Current Mood: excitedexcited

March 4th, 2004

broken_novelist @ 01:23 am: ooc (... because it's hard to act like Yuki when you're happy ^^;)
Hey, everyone! Sorry to bother, but I have a couple of announcements.

1. We have a Fujisaki, now! Yaaay! Her livejournal username is tensai_fujisaki, (meaning Genius Fujisaki), so make sure you add her to your list!

2. If you didn't catch it in the past couple days they've been up, Noriko has joined us as nyxzyta. Rage (P4nd4viol3nc3) and Mika (mistressseguchi) have made their journals, but haven't posted yet.

3. We have two people interested in playing Ayaka and Sakano, now, too, which would be great if it works out! So let's all hope for the best! 'night everyone! I'll keep you updated.

Current Mood: excitedEnthusiastic
Current Music: Invoke- TM Revolution/Gundam SEED

March 28th, 2004

broken_novelist @ 06:32 pm: OOC
Hi! I'd just like to welcome you all to the RP so that this community doesn't look so empty. Welcome! I hope that we can stray from the lines of what I laid out to begin with, but I didn't want people coming into here without the slightest clue what to do.

This kind of RP is different from a lot of others some of you may have participated in. I think it might be a bit of a challenge, but I'm so excited!

Good luck! I mean... Bad luck! I mean... well... you know what I mean.

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